Yellow -tones interior

Interior arrangements in the apartment – an interesting lesson. The mood of a person who will live depends on the chosen design. The main in design is the choice of color and its combination with other shades.

Yellow color has a positive effect on all. This is the color of warmth and sun, it is great for all other colors. The main thing is not to overdo it with a bright yellow color, can lead to overwork.

Yellow bedroom.

The main place in the apartment is the bedroom and its repair is given great attention.

It is better to apply pale – delicate shades of yellow color. Since bright tones can provoke insomnia. In this color, you can use bedspreads, curtains, bedding. Combining walls brown and yellow looks great. But the combination of green and yellow is in no way inferior to the previous one, they will bring summer sensations to the room.

Yellow hall.

Living room main room in your apartment. Therefore, it should be comfortable and convenient for the whole family.

It is better to arrange the walls of the living room in gently yellow shades or choose a sand palette. Yellow accessories such as photographs and paintings, lampshades, gold candlesticks are perfectly suitable. For fans of bright colors, use the design of the walls of the orange and red palette.


The kitchen is the heart of the house where communication with the family occurs. Repair in this room responsible event.

At the peak of fashion now a kitchen in black and yellow tones, you can choose a variety of options for your taste and kitchen size in the interior furniture salon. Black or white countertops and yellow chairs in a combination with a black or gray table, against the background of a common gray interior, will look delightful. Such a kitchen will give energy and will stimulate the preparation of unusual dishes.

Sunny children’s room.

Before the design of this room, you can use bright yellow colors. Such colors, positively affect the child and develop intelligence. Walls and ceiling can be decorated in the form of the sun and sea.


If you want a yellow color in this room, it is best if you apply it, combining it with blue. It would be a good option, the walls are yellow, and the furniture is lilac or turquoise.

There are many options for decorating rooms at the present time. Just remember that the design of one room should be harmonious and complement the interior of the other site. And then your apartment will look just exclusively.