How to build a prefabricated house in a short time

The traditions of the American architectural style for areas remote from large cities are usually one -story residential buildings. The concept of XYLA is to limit the time to create such houses with large first -class characteristics. Recently, using the new installation methodology, the company’s professionals built the first residential buildings in Vermont.

Houses are being built in 3 days by a team of workers using an autocrane. A prefabricated house meets all the requirements of modern standards for the level of comfort, ecology and energy conservation. In addition, innovations allow you to get a great economic effect.

All elements of the future house are made by separate panels and blocks at a special plant, delivered to the construction site in flat packages. Moreover, the whole house can really be sent by one party to the construction site. Assembly from individual plates directly on the spot requires less time, a direct savings in finance for transport and installation costs are obtained.

For even more time saving, the panels of the external walls at the enterprise of the company are produced immediately with the external finish. The customer is given the opportunity to choose different finishing options. The wall panels are attached to the frame of the building pre -assembled on the foundation.

New methods in the construction of structures from prefabricated panels allows future owners to choose a house design corresponding to a variety of price segments. Large spaces and glass doors pass enough light into the interior and create a feeling of spaciousness. Only interior decoration is carried out directly at the construction site depending on the wishes of the customer.