Work with a semicircular cutter with a planhab

The most effective tool for turning on a lathe is a semicircular cutter (Reyer) tightly hold the cutter with two hands. Tilt it so that the tip touches the wood. Turn on the machine and smoothly submit the cutter to the material, first touching the material with a sharpening bevel, and then lifting the handle so that the cutting edge enters the katai.

A semicircular cutter can be performed by the outer edge of the bowl, the rotation speed can be increased with a low to the middle, when the workpiece takes a completely round shape and becomes, such a razm, a incisple balanced in its rotation should always be very sharp, for which it should be often undermined (see see it. Tool service)

Now turn the emphasis to process the front part of the bowl, the emphasis must be located at such a height that the inclined tip of the cutter touches the workpiece at the level of its center. Start work from the middle of the bowl, supplying forward the horizontally located cut of the cutter

Work usually starts from the center and is conducted outward. After black processing, you can perform finishing. As the material is removed, the emphasis can be brought closer to the workpiece, but only by turning off the machine. In no case do not forget to do this – the lathe can be very dangerous.