Work on errors: Eliminate errors in painting work

Even following the instructions for the use of paintwork, there is no firm confidence that the work will go smoothly. Therefore, in the event of an emergency situation, it is necessary to quickly eliminate the resulting defect. We will understand the reasons for their occurrence and how to get rid of them.

The defect of the bands appears with poor mixing of paint and varnishes, as well as with the content of dry fillers, pigments not mixed with the main mass of the product. In order to get rid of the defect, you need to cover the stripes with another layer of paint on top, preliminarily place it in thoroughly, or initially clean the surface with water and repeat the procedure.

Sometimes the paint swells, this occurs with poor adhesion, that is, poor sticking the paint with the surface of the wall. The reasons are in poor preparation of the painted surface, its insufficient cleansing. In order to prepare the surface for painting, first it must be treated with a primer. After the primed surface has dried up, you need to make sure that there are no fat spots, traces of cigarette smoke, which are eliminated by a special blocking primer, and only then you can start painting work. Uneven surfaces are formed due to the layers of old wallpaper, glue, or paints. This is another consequence of an inaccurate approach to work. Grind the paint with a brush, getting wet in the water, scrape the old tank, wipe it, apply a soil solution and repaint. To avoid an uneven surface due to the presence of grains of sand in the primer or paint, the oil or soil mass should first be filtered.

The cause of fat spots is insufficiently dried mineral and animal oils. To eliminate, it is necessary to remove the layer of plaster, treat with lime solution and primer and re -apply a layer of paint. If the resinchy substances have appeared on the surface, then it is best to lubricate the cleaned place with a warm salt 3 %solution and nitrolak. The cause of the spots may be cleaning the wall with soap from mm fat more than 60%. For such work, soap with a fat content of not more than 40 % is suitable. Delete a fat stain from soap will help a solution of soda with water.

Sometimes a plaque appears on the surface of the concrete wall. This is due to the inception to the surface of salts contained in building materials. The spots should be cleaned with a hard dry brush and treated with special hermetic compounds, the so -called hydrophobizing liquids, which do not react with salts and allow the walls to breathe. Next, the wall is bonded and repainted. The use of varnishes and enamels, which includes natural resins, can cause another type of matte plaque. To get rid of it, you need to wipe this place with a rag saturated with a solvent.

In order to avoid most of the possible errors and then not to waste your time to eliminate them, you should not start work in the evening, in artificial light, the shortcomings will go unnoticed and unpleasantly surprise the next day.