With what means to heed a private house

Private house and apartment seem to be exactly the same residential areas. However, practice shows that a private house is more convenient in terms of comfort and household needs. For example, there is such a need as creating an effective heating system. But what is the heating system of the premises is the most reliable and durable?

You can carry out a water supply along the walls along the walls and let hot water. But this will not deprive the living area of ​​drafts, turning off the heating structure due to accidents at the thermal power plants and so on. The installation of a warm floor water will sound in a completely different way, which implies a unique structure of the distribution of air masses. That is, the heat will naturally rise in one layer to the ceiling, heating the entire area, and not just the zones close to the walls. In addition, nature is so arranged that warm streams going up overlap the power of through streams floating horizontally. In other words, you can forget about drafts.

The only minus of the warm floor is a limitation in the choice of flooring. For example, it is impossible to lay a tree, since strong heat will dry the boards and deform them if they are not initially devoid of moisture using special technologies. A good choice is tiles, because the coating over the pipes will be in the form of a screed or concrete surface. In other words, you can easily sculpt ceramics using a construction solution.

The pipeline system itself is very difficult, so it will be better to hire a company engaged in the installation of this heating system. There will be builder specialists, water supply engineers, and other people.