Wired or wireless security systems

It is clear that in our time the most reliable and faithful security system, without exaggeration, is considered vigilant neighbors whose main place of residence is a country house and, of course, in this case, the likelihood that your house will break into, so to speak, not well -wisher, practically reduced to zero. But, no matter how, in the modern world, people are accustomed to rely on the means of technical protection. It is for those who plan to install the security system that we will try to tell you about those that should be used in a country house.

Types of security system

Motion sensors. Choosing this type, a security alarm, you can be absolutely calm, because any opening of the doors or windows will work and the alarm will work. She can work on two principles: send you an SMS message about penetration or to a security remote control. In the second case, an employee of the company will call you back and ask if you have an idea of ​​the operation of the sensors or not.

Movement sensors react to:

– opening windows or doors.

– on movement, in a connected, controlled radius. In order for this system to start its work, you will need to turn it on before, with every departure.

– for the presence of smell: gas, smoke. Thanks to this type of sensors, there is a probability of preventing arson.

– The appearance of water.

Wired or wireless security systems.

In the case of selection of wired security systems, it is very important to know that traffic sensors and control units are interconnected by wires, by which, in case of “danger” and a signal passes. The main advantage, such a system, is its low cost, and not an income, the difficulty in installing and connecting.

But, a wireless security system, transfers a signal from sensors to the control unit using a radio signal. As for the installation of this system, everything is much easier here, since there is no need to connect many wires, but its cost is much higher. By the way, you can choose for yourself high -quality security systems here, including using GSM technology.

If you only plan to set an alarm, then, it is best to consult with relatives with friends whose security system has already been installed or just seek help from specialists.