Why is it worth paying attention to the repair of the hallway

The hallway is a place that many of us underestimate. Of course this is not the main room in the house, but is considered as an intermediate. However, this is the first thing we see entering the house. The hallway should be the face of your apartment. And should not perform only the functions of the pantry.

Today there are still many apartments where the hallway is so small that even two people cannot disperse or looks like a long and dark corridor consisting of many doors. But no matter what the hallway is small, any hostess can turn it into a business card, where the taste of the mistress of this house will be immediately appreciated. Of course, it is not so easy to make a small hallway comfortable, modern and functional. The only drawback of small rooms is that you have to limit yourself only to the most necessary of the furniture. Despite a small number of items, they should optimally perform a functional load. A good solution for small rooms will be built -in cabinets. In which you will find a place for shoes, seasonal clothes and other little things like umbrellas, gloves, hats, handbags and possibly suitables. The doors are best to make sliding, and fix the shelves on the walls of the room. This construction of sliding doors allows you to use them simultaneously and as a conventional mirror. Mirror doors will also visually expand a small hallway, creating a feeling of spaciousness. If you use light tones for floor and walls correctly and carefully think over the lighting of the ceiling and walls, then this will help create the illusion of greater space. In addition, wall lamps, in addition to the main lighting function, are used as a decorative element of the interior of the hallway. It is advisable in the absence of daylight, use various types of lamps. Lamps should not blindly blind, and their spectrum should be close to the natural. Also for convenience, it is necessary to provide a place for sitting, it can be a stool, an ottoman, a bench and do not forget to turn your attention to imported magazine tables, a choice presented in a fairly wide spectrum in various specialized stores. The main thing is not to overload the interior with decorative details so that there is no sensation of a mess. Correctly using the style, color, lighting and furniture, you will turn a small hallway into a convenient, modern and very cozy room in your apartment.