Why is corrugated board in demand among the population

To date, the use of corrugated board has reached its peak. This material is very widely used by both roofing material and facade. The high strength of such a material allows you to use it as an independent inter -story floor. Based on this, the corrugated board is roofing, wall and bearing.

Such building material is produced in the form of a profiled sheet of galvanized steel with a coating of polymer material. As such a polymer coating is usually used polyester, plastisol or purple.

For the manufacture of corrugated board, a rolled galvanized steel with a polymer coating is used, which is processed by a cold rolling method that provides the integrity of the profile coating. In appearance, this material is very reminiscent of ordinary slate, its corrugations can have a different shape (trapezoidal, rectangular, sinusoidal, etc.) and height.

Since roller steel is used for the manufacture of corrugated board, its sheets can have a different length depending on the wishes of the customer. Using corrugated board for the roof, it must be borne in mind that its sheets should have a length that allows the material to perform the edges of the roof slopes by at least 400 mm.

The width of the sheets of corrugated board depends on the manufacturer and can be in the range of 980-1850 mm. It should be borne in mind that the beneficial width of the sheet of such material is less than the real 40-80 mm. This is due to the technology of laying the profile, since its sheets are placed “overlap” in compliance with the length of the length of one corrugation. The thickness of the sheets of corrugated board can be from 0.5 to 1 mm.

Due to its high operational characteristics, corrugated board is used in arranging the roof of buildings, facing walls of various structures, in the manufacture of fences and fences. Also, such material is very often used in the manufacture of non -residential temporary buildings, as well as as formwork in the construction of large objects.

Such widespread use of corrugated board is possible due to its lightness, which can significantly reduce the cost of construction work. In addition, such material is very durable, since it is not subject to corrosion, and its wide color scheme of execution allows you to choose corrugated board, suitable in color.

Thus, corrugated board is a modern building material that allows with minimal time and means to equip a building of any purpose.