Which real estate in Zelenograd is better – primary or secondary

Real estate in Zelenograd

It should be immediately clarified that primary housing is called objects that do not have owners. These are objects that are at the stage of design or construction. If in a new building put into operation, not purchased apartments remain, then the developer registers them on himself. After that, they will be sold already in secondary real estate status. Understanding this principle of classification, it is easy to guess that the acquisition of primary housing is associated with certain risks. Shared participation in construction, on the basis of which you can become a buyer of the primary apartment, sometimes leads to the fact that having paid money, interest holders become the owners of the long -term construction or even remain with anything. However, the cost of primary apartments is much lower than finished objects. Therefore, housing in the erected new buildings is quickly and actively sold out. In order to protect yourself as much as possible from the negative consequences of shared participation, it is necessary to look for housing with the help of a reliable real estate company. If you contact the best real estate agency in Zelenograd, qualified specialists will take care of your security who can distinguish a risky enterprise from a bona fide developer.

Each individual potential buyer of residential real estate has its own objective circumstances and personal requirements for their future housing. Based on this, everyone decides that for him it is preferable – primary or secondary real estate. So, for example, if it is important for a person to save money on the purchase, he chooses the “primary”. Moreover, the earlier the buyer becomes a shareholder, the cheaper he will cost him the apartment. On the other hand – the longer before the completion of construction, the higher the risk level, and the longer it is necessary to wait. But at the current prices for square meters, many simply cannot afford to buy a ready -made housing, or one that is almost completed. Therefore, many objects are bought at the design stage. In these cases, new owners have to wait an average of one to two years. The stage of introducing an completed house into official operation seems especially long.

When buying an primary apartment, it is necessary to take into account the fact that most of these objects are transferred to the owners without decoration. This means that before the assignment it will be necessary to spend a lot of funds and time to make the apartment in a living state.