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Which insulation to use in sandwich panels

Sandwich Panel is a relatively new building material of the three-layer structure. It has two layers of hard materials and one layer of insulation packed between the first two. These details are glued together under a hot press. By purpose, they are made with wall and roofing panels.

In wall sandwich panels, the separation goes by the nature of the outside, t. e. on simple profiling, smooth and decoratively profiled (under the log, siding).

In roofing sandwich panels, the profile can be both from one-the outer side and from both sides.

In Sentwich panels, like a heater, various materials from mineral wool to fiberglass are used.

For the outer layer of panels, mainly galvanized metal is used. If you are interested in the supports of the bridge, then we advise you to go through the link indicated by us. There you can find out more about the supports of bridges and order them. In some cases, an additional coating is still applied from above, which affects the properties of the whole finished material as a whole.

The superiority of the sandwich panels over other materials is that they can be built and built faster, compared to ordinary technologies, they allow construction at any time of the year. This building material has high quality indicators for thermal insulation, hygiene, environmental friendliness, safety for people, they are easy to transport, they do not need excellent soundproofing, as well as for sendwich panels, it does not require additional decoration, which allows them to use them, creating food industry facilities and medical institutions.

The disadvantages of Sentwitch Panels include not the ability to withstand additional loads, freezing in the places of connection of panels, stoves, for the manufacture of which were used polyurethane or polystyrene foam, in combination with OSP, fire hazardous.