Which burner to choose for the large hearth: Features

Fuel combustion brings the energy we need to heat our own housing or for industrial purposes. To increase the efficiency secreted, when burning fuel, special devices are used. The determining aspect for the heating systems of our region is a stable thrust. Constantly changing gas pressure leads to unstable operation, heating systems. To solve the arising shortcusing to natural traction, an additional traction is added. Riello fan burners, perfectly perform the set function. As a fuel mixed with air, not only gas, but also liquid fuel is used. Diesel, alcohol and less often gasoline. With good air compression, the amount of oxygen becomes large enough to complete fuel combustion. Fan burners combined the best qualities of ancient predecessors, the blacksmithing was created to injure air into the furnace in order to increase the temperature of coal combustion. Using old principles and new technologies, new better fuel burning devices have been developed. The advantage of the Riello fan burner is the compactness of the device.

As a flame. High flame length allows the use of a burner in large furnaces. The disadvantages include a narrow level of adjustment. But fuel consumption is very economical in comparison with compressor burners. When using gas, fan burners are the best solution. For waste oils and fuel oils, it will be best to use compression installations. Oils are not in the full sense of the word liquids, they have very high viscosity, which leads to large – drip spray. This leads to incomplete combustion of fuel and low efficiency.