Where to start suburban construction?

A country house was a dream for you, and now it has come true: you bought a site and are going to equip it yourself. If you have no experience in such matters, then, of course, you will immediately ask yourself the question: where, in fact, start? From the fence, cabins, communications? It all depends on whether there are any structures in the inheritance from previous owners on your site. If there is, then the first thing you need to order is the dismantling of metal structures.

First steps: dismantling, water, electricity and fence

Why order exactly, and not dismantle everything yourself? Because the demolition of buildings is a very serious task, injuries are not excluded if not a professional is engaged in this. After that, knowledgeable people advise making a temporary fence-at least from a net grid and drill a well (if the neighbors have tap water, then connect to the water supply), and conduct electricity, because without these two constituent construction it will not work. In order to relax, to spend the night, eat and change clothes, equip the change house – it can be temporary, or you can do a capital outbuilding, it will never be superfluous. But before that, estimate first where you will have a house and go through all communications, so that then you do not have to redo anything. Also equip at least temporary toilet and shower.

You also need to determine the composition of the soil on the site – you will need this knowledge in order to determine what material the foundation is made of at home, and where then what to plant. After you can already order design documentation at home.