What to choose for water supply at home: well or well

If you have a question of choice between a well and a well for the water supply of your home or a country cottage, then you should carefully weigh all the positive aspects of both options. Drilling of a well, especially if you plan to receive water from an artesian layer, can be quite expensive. But the quality of the water that you can get from this source will be much better than from a shallow well or central water supply system.

If you plan to provide water supply completely the whole house, then before carrying out work on drilling the well, you need to draw up a detailed project and conduct research. It is advisable to prepare a project before building a house. Thus, you can know exactly in which place it is better to drill and how to equip the water supply system in the future. Typically, drilling wells of which the price of which depends on the depth and quality of used insulating materials, is produced by special equipment. It is best to contact a company that has the necessary experience and can provide the desired equipment for research and directly drilling.

It is also noted that a deep artesian well will be able to last a fairly long time. If it is fulfilled taking into account all the requirements, then you can use it for 40-50 years. But drilling and equipment of such a well can cost quite expensive. In addition to the work on drilling, you need to install a system of filters and pumps that will provide normal and uninterrupted supply of water to the house.

But having equipped such a well, you will be completely independent of the centralized water supply. It is also worth noting that the amount of water that an artesian well can give can provide several houses or even a small settlement. In some cases, the layer pressure pushes the water up, and it can rise without the use of pumps. But first of all, such water is appreciated for its purity and quality, which no other source of drinking water can be compared with. And you can forget about the taste of chlorine and precipitation of salts, which forms on the dish.