What material the windows are made of: what to pay attention to

While you are engaged in the construction of the walls, the frame of the house of your dreams, it may seem to you that this is the most important thing, and the rest is already easier, and will be decided by itself. However, in such a case as the construction of your own housing, there cannot be trifles. Each detail is important. Roof, stairs, windows – comfort will depend on them, the comfort of your home, the ability to save on heating and much more. How not to be mistaken in choosing these important elements of the home?

The operated roof requires the selection of roofing material depending on the type. For a single -sided roof, ondulin, metal tiles and profiled. If the roof is complex, you have to tinker with ordinary tiles. Flexible tiles are the only solution for a roof with rounded elements.

When choosing a stairs, remember that it is also an element of design. Wooden houses do not suggest marble stairs, for example. The most convenient are stairs with steps 19-21 cm. in height, 25-30 cm wide. and whose thickness is about 4 cm. It is worth paying attention to the safe location of the railing. When installing, the most convenient and universal are modular stairs.

Choosing windows, mainly you choose the material from which they will be made. There are only three options: aluminum, wood and plastic. Aluminum windows are practical, but on a big lover (due to appearance), plastic windows are practical and pretty, but not very environmentally friendly. Wooden windows are undoubtedly ideal, but only if it is about the windows of expensive. Cheap wooden carpentry is not practical and not very beautiful. Unless environmentally friendly.

The choice of roofs, stairs and windows is not a simple process that requires a serious approach. But do not spare strength to solve these problems – and then as a result you will really get your dream house.