What is the system of the ventilated facade

The ventilated facade system provides for the use of load -bearing and additional brackets, horizontal and vertical guides. The basis of the facade with insulation is the brick wall. Mineral wool is fixed for thermal insulation under the guides, and cladding is attached from above. Vinyl siding the log used for facing is an absolute leader in this design among customers of individual construction, usually it should be chosen with specialists so as not to make a mistake in choosing.

Sometimes, instead of brackets, straight suspensions are used, and a wooden beam or profile for drywall is used as guides. Mineral wool is fixed on each plate at 5 points with a single-layer solution, and with a two-layer solution at 3-4 points. The use of the second option is more rational, with the overlap of the joints of the layers with whole slabs.

The flow of air, which circulates between the layers of mineral wool and the finishing cladding, creates optimal pressure. The value of the aforementioned gap is no more than 5 cm.

Office and business centers are finished with a fibros -cement plate or porcelain tile, and industrial and warehouse premises with a metal profiled sheet.