What is the real estate market in Balashovo

Balashov is the largest city in the west of the Saratov region, the administrative center of the Balashevsky district. The city is spread along the banks of the Khoper River, which divides it into two parts. On the one hand, Balashov is built up with one -story village houses, on the other – brick and panel buildings in two or more floors. The eastern part of the city has an empty territory, which over time will be built up.

The Balashovo Real Estate Market is heterogeneous and consists of various types of housing. Today, the sale of houses in Balashov is possible both through real estate agencies and through the Internet. The second method has become more popular recently, as it allows customers to buy housing without overpayment. Recently, the rental market for apartments, houses or cottages has become intensively developing.

The cost of the monthly fee can be different and depends on several factors. First of all, the location affects the cost of the apartment. If the apartment is in the center or in close areas, then the rent for it will be higher than for the same, but located on the outskirts of the city or in the suburbs. The number of rooms, floor, remoteness from urban transport also matters. Therefore, before renting an apartment in Engels, Marx, Balashov or other city of the Saratov region, you need to compare housing prices in different areas of the city to navigate.

Today in the real estate market, rooms in communal services, one -room apartments and small families are in high demand. But it must be borne in mind that the monthly cost of a one -room apartment is not much different from a two -room. The degree of development of infrastructure also affects the cost of lease – the presence of schools, kindergartens, shops and so on.

The type of house and the condition of the apartment, as well as the presence of an intercom, a strong entrance door, furniture, phone, refrigerator … All this increases the rental fee. The cost is affected even by the location of the parking lot. The deadline for renting an apartment.

Today, apartments in Stalin’s houses are highly appreciated. Despite the fact that the heyday of the Stalinist Empire was short, he out of time and his time remains quite relevant today, when his patriotic purpose has already been forgotten. The Stalinist Empire, the distinguishing features of which are reliability and heavy respectability, is experiencing a second birth today. Such houses make up a small part of the real estate of the cities of the Saratov region. As a rule, such apartments are rented by solvent people for a long time.