What is the lining: distinguishing features

Many of us have heard a word like a lining. But here, what is it so few people know.

The lining is a thin board, which is used to skin various rooms. In order for the elements of the skin to fit tightly to each other, the lining is equipped with special grooves. Thanks to these grooves, a perfectly flat wooden surface is obtained. The lining is reliable and high -quality material. She is not afraid of sudden temperature changes and has excellent moisture resistance. She can survive any temperature differences. Moreover, its color and shape will remain unchanged. The wagon made of coniferous wood is the most reliable of all other types of this material. She keeps her original form for years. It is important that the lining is absolutely safe for human health, as it is made of wood, which in turn is pure natural material.

By the way, the lining can be used as both internal and external material for finishing.

Wooden lining has many varieties. Most often, it is divided by each other in size and type of source material