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What is the best foundation for a frame house

During the construction of the house, the most important and expensive stage of work is the laying of the foundation. However, if it comes to frame houses, these expenses are noticeably reduced, since such houses have less weight.

So what is the best foundation for a frame house? There are several of their species, each of which has its own pros and cons, so each of them should be considered in more detail.

Do not think that there are universal foundations suitable for any occasion. The applicability of each of them in a particular situation is influenced by different conditions:

the number of floors in the house;

groundwater level;

soil composition and level of freezing.

The strip foundation

This type of foundation is suitable for building on dense ground, for example, on a rocky. As a rule, the level of groundwater in such soil is low, and freezing is not as deep as in other cases. It is especially good if such weakening soil elements as less dense layers, staining, etc. are absent at the construction site. D. However, during the construction of a one -story frame house, they turn into the category of little things that you can not pay attention to.

Despite all the advantages, the strip foundation often scares the builders with their high cost and potential difficulties when laying.

Column foundation

This type of foundation is a ridge of pillars made of concrete, metal or wood. They with a certain interval are laid under the load -bearing walls, and to increase strength, each column is supplemented by a strengthening pillow of bulk material.

It is worth noting that the depth of the bookmark of the foundation pillars, as well as the gap between them, should be calculated with the highest accuracy in order to avoid errors during construction and further incidents. The step between the pillars is not recommended to make more than three meters.

The columnar foundation is suitable for less strong soils, however, with the correct laying in its reliability, it is not inferior to the tape type, and sometimes surpasses it.

Pile foundation

Screw metal piles are preferable for sandy soils with weak layers. This is the most economical type of foundation that can withstand two floors of the frame house and is a screw -shaped base up to 5 meters long, screwed into the soil. Among other things, they are considered the simplest for use in construction.

We are building a house. Making formwork and filling the foundation.