What is meant by physical protection of the object

The physical protection of the entrusted object means a number of complex measures aimed at ensuring the safe functioning of the site, the preservation of all material and other values ​​located on its territory, as well as protecting the health and life of personnel in case of freelance situations.

Physical protection of objects has several advantages. First of all, these include daily control over the quality of work of security officers. He will be seized by the head of the department, behind which the site is assigned. Such control can be carried out directly at the facility by the chief himself or remotely on a webcam or telephone and other means of communication. The security chief is supported by contact with the customer or his representatives. All security workers to confirm professional acceptance undergo regular retraining. Each security officer is testing for stress resistance, passes the standards of physical training and has a certificate that gives the right to engage in security activities at objects of any complexity.

If enhanced protection of construction projects is required, then it is best to apply to the owners of the facility to a security company that has a license for security activities and the staff of qualified special training of employees. In addition to human resources, such security companies, if it is necessary to strengthen the protection of the facility, use technical means of protection and provide employees with weapons. For round-the-clock control over the object, video surveillance cameras, security and fire alarms, access control, etc. are installed. P. Also, posts are controlled on a protected area not only on schedule, but also at any other time.

For each object, the plan of action in the event of emergency situations is developed individually. For all personnel working at the “client” facility, a special briefing on TB is carried out in case of non -standard situations and rules of conduct. The guards of posts are sure to report on any non -standard situation at the facility.