What is industrial mountaineering

Today, industrial mountaineering has the widest sphere of application. In particular, wall insulation Kyiv in buildings of various number of storeys is carried out using industrial mountaineering. In addition, a whole range of cleaning works, as well as any repair and finishing facade and roofing work. The performance of the same work with the traditional use of construction forests requires large financial costs and longer in time.

Work at altitude requires employees of the availability of not only experience, but also special tolerance. Choosing a company that should be entrusted with the implementation of a set of works of industrial mountaineering, it is necessary to make sure that there is an appropriate tolerance, as well as the presence of specialists in this category in the staff of this category. Industrial mountaineering is an excellent way out in the most difficult situation, when it is necessary to carry out work on top and there is no way to build forests. For buildings that have facades of complex form and requiring work in hard -to -reach places, it is industrial climbers that can perform all the necessary volume of work qualitatively within the period established in the contract.

One of the most popular services for industrial climbers is the washing of facades. Modern cities are literally suffocating from the exhaust gases of moving vehicles. Mixing with air, atmospheric precipitation and evaporation of machine oils, the resulting chemical mixture settles on the facades of buildings, corrodes coatings, spoils the appearance. With the help of industrial climbers, the washing of facades of any geometry can be carried out efficiently and in the shortest possible time. The use of special detergents that have a soft formula and do not damage the coatings and the environment allows the facades to return their original beauty and eliminate the risk of destruction.