What is hidden under the concept of “himself designer”

As a rule, the reason for changing interior design is to move to new housing or … the lack of pleasure from being in your own house. One way or another, and you can develop a new design in several ways.

Of course, the most popular “way” is the private interior designer – a specialist who, on the basis of his own knowledge and experience, will be able to help you in solving all issues regarding the interior. However, so that you are completely satisfied, this specialist must combine not only your own, but also your knowledge, but your characteristics and desires.

The second “method” is you yourself. In this case, all responsibility and work will fall on your own shoulders and hands. But in this (as in the choice of a designer), we can help you-Internet resources.

You should start the development of the design with determining the style – determine which of the existing styles is the most inherent in you and your family (inhabitants of your home). This issue is better to solve together. When you decide on the style, you can talk about individual design solutions and decor elements. Even if you do not want to fully adhere to the chosen style, look at the illustrations for already executed interiors – this can push you to interesting and rather original ideas.

Often, the materials that will be used in the implementation of the developed design project are determined by the style of the latter. However, modern building materials allow us to “walk around” in the choice, because we can already afford to use a waterproof tree and tile that imitates tiles or parquet.

The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment. Very interesting and practical results can be achieved even without going beyond the chosen style. For example, direct the light of a warm shade to the old classic dark cabinet at a certain angle … And now – it is no longer so old and not at all gloomy. Inspiration to you!