What is a suspended plumbing

The plumbing market has noticeably revived with the appearance of suspended products. Their advantages have already managed to evaluate domestic consumers. Many try to buy installation when arranging a bathroom. Constant demand for suspension plumbing contributes to the development of new models. What are the advantages of suspension plumbing? It is much easier to remove the bathroom and toilet, because there are no hard -to -reach places. Access around plumbing products is completely free. Therefore, the room is always clean and tidy. This type of plumbing is suitable for creating a unique design. The bathroom and toilet become elegant, sophisticated, with large space. It is difficult to properly organize space with the usual plumbing. There is always a space, the room looks very cluttered by all sorts of interior items.

Thanks to suspended plumbing, it is possible to visually expand the room, and there is more free space. In small rooms, this is the best option for increasing space. How are the pipes, eyeliner and other similar communications in the bathroom and toilet not aesthetically aesthetic. It is possible to hide all this with suspended plumbing. Even a visual inspection of a suspended toilet or washbasin will be pleasant, since pipes do not stick around the product, fasteners.

Moreover, modern models simply fascinate the originality of shape and color. At the first acquaintance with such plumbing, there is an irresistible desire to buy it. Small -meter apartments cannot boast of the presence of free space, especially in the bathroom. Free meters are very appreciated. With suspended plumbing, it becomes possible to attach an additional washing machine, or a linen box. Even several additional shelves allow you to slightly unload the living space in the apartment.