What is a pot -bell -up construction level

One of the most budgetary building levels is the hydraulic level. It is a hose with graduated flasks fixed at the ends. However, such a tool has quite a lot of significant drawbacks. For example, you can use a hydraulicarian only for horizontal and work at a distance from heat sources.

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A good alternative to the hydraulic level today is a bubble building level. This tool is one of the most popular varieties of building levels. The bubble model is a case with built -in ampoules (flasks) with a liquid. The number of these flaps ranges from one to three. Each of these ampoules is responsible for determining deviations in a particular plane (horizontal, vertical). Three ampoules in the case are designed to remove the rotary level. Ampoule filler – alcohol.

Unlike a hydraulicarian, this tool has greater determination accuracy and is suitable for use on various surfaces. Bubble levels of rectangular shape have gained the most popular today. The length of such a tool ranges from 20 centimeters to 2.5 meters. And samples with a telescopic addition system can reach 4 meters.