What equipment is needed for the functioning of the pool

Despite the large number of equipment and technologies used in the process of building and maintaining modern pools in working condition, the main component of any project is precisely water. Any option can be called a small ecosystem, the life support of which should be engaged in special hydraulic means.

All equipment and means used for the functioning of pools can be attributed to the following types:

– equipment used for the pool bowl;

– Filtering products;

– air drainage systems and water heating;

– disinfection equipment;

– facing materials, fittings, pipes, accessories;

– equipment and reagents used for disinfection and normalize the composition of water;

Automatic filtering and disinfection systems

The main task of these systems is that the water in the pool constantly remains crystal clean and safe. Automatic equipment for filtering consists of filter tanks, inside which, using mechanical and chemical methods, water is filtered and cleaned. Consumables that provide high -quality filtering are containing quartz sand, zeolit ​​and coal filters.

The life support of pools directly depends on the functioning of automatic disinfection and water treatment systems. This is mainly carried out by mixing chemical reagents, disinfecting using UV installations. Used in the form of individual elements or automatic stations, this equipment excludes the human factor in the process of maintenance and disinfection of pools.

Environmental safety of modern pools

The water in the pool bowl should not just be clean, it must be safe for its visitors. With all the variety of means and methods of disinfection, most of them carry a certain danger and can harm health. For high -quality and safe water purification, it is necessary to use modern cleaning products that meet all sanitary and hygienic standards.

One of the best cleaning methods can be called a method based on the use of UV installations. Using photochemical reactions, UV installations destroy and modify bacteria and microorganisms located in water. Thanks to the use of chemical reagents only in the form of an additional processing measure, UV disinfection is considered one of the safest and most environmentally friendly methods of processing and disinfection of pools.