What characteristics to pay attention to when choosing windows

What characteristics are important while choosing a technical product. Functionality, reliability, quality and, of course, price. But all these factors are still subjective. And any manufacturer has its pros and cons of.

Most buyers focus primarily on the price, and therefore pay attention to Chinese or Turkish windows. The price seems to be affordable, saving with, for example, German windows is very significant. However, the benefit in this case is very doubtful. Windows are chosen for more than one year and use daily. A cheap profile is equal to savings on labor, raw materials, resistance, etc. D. Gradually, the joy of a successful purchase comes to naught and there is disappointment in distorted sashs, an incomprehensible profile color, disheveled fittings, etc. As a result, savings leads to the cost of repairing or replacing windows.

Domestic manufacturers, alas, cannot be remembered without tears. They mainly take care of their own pockets. As a budget version of homemade glazing, it may fit, but if quality and durability are necessary, the choice is obvious – German windows. Comfort, reliability, aesthetics – these are far from all the qualities inherent in these windows.

The whole world knows about German accuracy, quality, scrupulousness, etc. D. Many consumers appreciated the really high quality of any German products. The homeland of plastic windows – Germany and this circumstance already makes the country the leading leader in the production of PVC structures.

So that the work of the window is long -term and non -problematic, accessories must be reliable. The details of the device for the consumer, as a rule, do not matter. Only saving on them leads to a deplorable result. The German profile will serve faithfully – this fact has long been verified. The slopes and window sills that are included in the kit, the corresponding quality.

German windows differ in heat – and sound insulation. Double -glazed window guarantees thermal qualities. It is better to choose two -chamber. If necessary, for example, if the windows overlook the noisy line, you can order special designs where different distance frames or chambers of unequal thickness are used.