What are the styles in modern architecture

Architecture in construction appeared in ancient times. For example, the ancient Egyptians who built the first pyramids had their own style of architecture. In South America, the Aztec tribes built completely unimaginable buildings for their time.

Immediately after a person began to build housing, he began to emerge the skills of the building. One person built his own housing from branches and sticks, then he built himself such such housing. He had a building skills, a certain style has appeared.

In modern architecture, styles are common features and structural features of the building. It is worth noting that modern construction allows engineers and architects to design completely unthinkable structures. Many of them have gone far from the generally accepted norms of legislation. Therefore, in Russia, in order to overcome this gap, the legislation provides for the development of special technical conditions (STO), which is considered additional technical safety standards for architectural and engineering surveys, the operation of the building, as well as the dismantling of objects.

In modern architecture, three main unusual styles were clearly emerging:

Postmodernism. The modern direction in architecture, which returned the imagery to the construction. Postmodernism is an architectural work of art, the fantasies of brilliant architects, the uniqueness and individuality of the structure.

High tech. Actual style in architecture today, reflecting the high -tech of modern society, and at the same time simplicity and minimalism.

Bio-tech. The peculiar opposite of the high-tech. The basis of this style is not the use of industrial forms of buildings, but the outlines of natural, natural forms.