What are the methods of bleaching an enameled bath?

Enameled bath is gradually darkening. Neither the owner of the apartment in Yaroslavl or another city, nor the owner of a private house, will be able to avoid this. And here it does not matter how intense and often the hostess cleans the plumbing, because this is affected by a lot of indicators, the main of which is the quality of water. But there are three ways to help to whiten enamel.


The old product with cracks and stains can be cleaned with abrasive powder. First, the surface must be wetted, and then sprinkled with the product, evenly distributing it. After a certain period, you need to take a metal or other hard brush and thoroughly rub in a circular movement. It is permissible to make this ordinary soda diluted in the liquid to a state of dense sour cream.

There is such an option as painting a container with nitroemal. It is recommended to work with it in dense rubber gloves. First you need to remove rusty spots with oxalic acid or chemicals, and then rinse well and dry the tank. Chips should be treated, and rough areas are degreased with acetone or solvent. First of all, you will have to cover problem areas, and then the entire area of ​​several layers, letting each of them dry. Then everything can be polished with special paste.

Recently appeared such a technology as the restoration of a bath with a glass. And it takes only a couple of hours to implement it. The process begins with the dismantling of all plums and ensuring the protection of the floor and walls. Then the enamel is cleaned with sandpaper or grinder, degreased and gently watered with liquid acrylic. It flows under its own weight, and defects are removed by a spatula.

When buying apartments in Yaroslavl, whose prices depend on many factors, people install snow -white plumbing elements in them. And let them fade over time, but now you know how this phenomenon easily fix!

What are the methods of bleaching an enameled bath?

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