What are the floor slabs exist?

Not a single building when building will do without a slab of overlap. Plates play an important role in construction. A large load of the building falls on the overlap. Therefore, it is important to choose a very high -quality and reliable material.

What are “slabs”?

You need to understand this issue. These are supporting horizontal buildings that are necessary for separation in the building of the floors. They are usually stored in special stacks. Flaps are made of concrete or reinforced concrete. Used very widely in construction. Their height is not more than 2.5 meters. The most reliable and high -quality slabs are considered reinforced concrete. They perfectly protect any structure from deflections. Plates can be ribbed. Such ceilings have the most important feature. It is very convenient to use them to bend.

Choose slabs depending on the type of application, and for which structure they will use. Complete plate is normal for panel houses. There are full -bodied slabs that are suitable for another kind of construction. Mark is selected by loads. They have a certain influence on building material.

Today, construction metall offers to purchase the most reliable floor slabs. The company has a continuous, ribbed and non -standard sizes. Everyone can purchase floor slabs at good prices. They offer high reliability material. Stroymetal makes its product only from quality materials. There is a guarantee, the goods are certified. All products correspond to GOSTs.

Reinforced concrete merges are usually used in houses with brick walls and concrete. It all depends on the project of the building. And they will be placed both along and across the slabs, the plates are made of light concrete and the usual. For less weight and saving concrete, they are made with round voids.

When compared with monolithic concreting of the ceiling have a number of advantages. The scale of production is very large. Plates at the cost remain at an affordable level even for private traders. Thanks to voids, you can carry out communications. Voids in the body of the slab significantly increase the sound insulation of the walls. This is a positive moment.