What are the curtains in the interior, functionality, quality of the material

Curtains in the interior

Curtains from fabric or other modern materials play a decisive role in the transformation of space. They set the tone, light, express the mood of the owners of the room. Depending on the skill of the decorator, they can emphasize the exclusivity of the situation or make it ordinary.

What are the curtains

It is convenient to use sewing curtains to order, because a variety of color, source material, styles gave rise to an endless number of window decoration options. But some design features can be distinguished by dividing them to groups:

1. Along the length of the curtains can be up to the windowsill, to the battery, to the floor. Drapery to the windowsill are used to decorate niches and horizontal windows. In this case, the lower edge of the fabric should only touch the window sill slightly. Short curtains to batteries are used to decorate kitchens, children’s and other small rooms. Long curtains to the floor are suitable for the interior of living rooms, bedrooms, and a special chic is considered a fabric train that is falling on the floor.

2. By the method of use, curtains also differ. For example, curtains in the modern style of the “cafe” hide only the lower part of the window, they are successfully combined with lambrequins and long curtains. The edges of such curtains are usually decorated with ribbons or ruffles, they are hung on a bar or a metal rod.

3. The volume of the functionality of the curtains also differ. A light curtain will not protect the bedroom from bright daylight, from prying eyes, therefore, in living rooms, sleeping rooms, it is preferably except for decorative qualities of fabric to take into account its ability to miss the light. There is an opportunity to use the same curtains in different ways. For example, beautiful festony curtains in the Austrian style easily turn into direct cords of the classical appearance, thanks to the cords system, significantly changing the perception of the interior depending on the desire of the host.

4. By the quality of the material, this circumstance significantly affects the method of care. From the point of view of practicality, modern materials with special impregnation that repulses dust are good. These types include Roman curtains. They don’t need to wash them. On the other hand, the skillful mistress will perfectly cope with any synthetics, and the lush beauty from her is easiest to do. Dear curtains from natural fabrics are cleaned in dry cleaning.

The decoration of the room is an important step, the purity of lines, elegance, and interior exclusivity depends on it. Choose curtains in the house you need to rely on your taste, room style, functionality and quality of material.