What are more big and screw structures

The staircase can be either a necessary element of the interior of your home, or its decorative part. When choosing the type of stairs, you can consult with the designer, but if you do not want to spend diesel fuel or gasoline on trips through a variety of architectural firms, the solution of this issue can be done on your own.

Most often in multi -storey residential buildings, restaurants, hotels, offices, marching stairs are equipped, which can be represented in the form of a direct design and a rotary, consisting of several sites and marches. There are also curvilinear marching stairs. The disadvantage of such a model is the need for a large amount of free space for its arrangement. By the way, calculating the area that the marching staircase takes is not difficult. Draw a rectangular triangle: one of it will be the height of the wall, the second – the length of the floor, and the hypotenuse – the staircase. It is worth noting that such an angle of installation of the structure is considered optimal, but not mandatory.

Screw and more

The staircase on Boltsa looks original, and in the absence of railings – even air. For fastening the structure, a strong wall is required, otherwise the installation of this model will have to be abandoned. The most popular among designers are screw stairs. It is these designs that most often act as decorative components of exclusive projects, while their main drawback is impracticality. Climbing such a staircase is very inconvenient, and in some cases it is dangerous. But the screw structure is placed even in a small opening, which makes it an ideal option for the attachment to the attic or lowering the basement.