What are hollow linen stoves

An integral attribute of construction should be called AUTS, including floor slabs, steps, foundation blocks, piles, staircases.

LED of the floor slab is required when erecting the supporting structure of the structure. Depending on the potential load and the requirements for the strength of the plates, they are made of heavy, light structural or dense silicate stamps of concrete. If necessary, small weight of the bearing structure, the builders use hollow reinforced concrete stoves. Hollow plates of concrete of light grades are made and reinforced with pre -tense and ordinary reinforcement.

Today, the sale of fertile floor slabs is carried out by most companies with delivery to the place of installation. Installation of the reinforced concrete of floor slabs is carried out in a non-aggressive medium under normal moist-temperature conditions.

Hollow linen stoves – almost eternal overlap, not rotting, not flammable and very moisture resistant. Voids make slabs tough for bending and allow you to withstand significant loads. In addition, the presence of voids facilitates the wiring of communications, to simplify access to which it is recommended to use mounting boxes or corrugated pipes serving cable channels.

In addition to hollow plates in construction, solid reinforced concrete stoves are used. They are heavier than many -way and provide less soundproofing. With the thickness of the intransistible plates of less than 120 mm, it is necessary to take additional measures to ensure sound insulation: the installation of elastic gaskets on supports, layered floors, etc. D.

Continuable reinforced concrete stoves are used in balcony ceilings, where they are welded to the reinforcement of the underlying concrete jumpers. To block various outlines of bay windows, it is most advisable to use monolithic reinforced concrete structures produced on construction site.