We transform the space with drywall

The modern consumer gypsum cardboard is known, first of all, as a universal building and finishing material. In this article we will give the most common examples of its use in the design of living space. Slopes made of drywall

To date, no serious repairs can do without replacing old windows with new plastic or wooden. To knock out old window frames, a hammer, wedges, scrap and other rough tool are usually used, which, in turn, leads to damage to existing slopes. In most cases, after the old window was dismantled and a new frame was installed, the most justified solution is the subsequent creation of new slopes “from scratch” than the restoration of old. Of course, for such cases, ordinary plaster or plastic may be suitable, but the most effective and cheap way is the installation of slopes from such material as drywall. Subsequently, such slopes can be easily covered with wallpaper or painted.

Archers made of drywall

Archers made of drywall are one of the most effective and at the same time economical methods that allow you to radically update the interior of the room, giving it the uniqueness and originality of the design. The best arches look against the background of a multi -level ceiling.

To mount the arches and doorways of drywall the necessary configuration will help you with construction and repair professionals, but if you decide, making home repairs, make an arch on your own, you will have to be patient. Perhaps the main nuance that should be taken into account when creating arches made of drywall is the likelihood of gypsum leaf deformation.

Gypsum cardboard fireplaces

Gypsum cardboard fireplace is the most widespread alternative to a natural fireplace, which is not able to afford residents of apartment buildings.

Drywall decorative fireplace has its advantages over the present. Firstly, its technical execution is very simple and for him it is not needed special permits. Secondly, the design of the drywall fireplace can be designed depending on the conditions of a particular interior. Thirdly, a fireplace made of drywall will cost a completely inexpensive. In – fourth, the design of the drywall structure can only limit your imagination.

Partitions made of drywall

Often, during the repair of office and even residential premises, drywall is used not only to close up the existing doorways and windows, but also for the construction of additional non -carrying partitions. With the help of such partitions, as a rule, the space is separated. Drywall helps such partitions to erect quite easily and quickly, and even non -infusion can cope with this task