We solve the problem of sound insulation – traffic jam

Accommodation in an apartment building is both good and inconvenient at the same time. The use of all the benefits of civilization, without leaving home, is, of course, fine. But at the same time, the sound of other people’s voices, barking dogs, loud music – all this can turn life into an ongoing nightmare. To date, the most effective means with which you can solve the problem of sound insulation in a residential building is a cork. This is due to the fact that the very structure of the cork allows you to completely absorb the sounds of any volume level. For this reason, if you use the cork as the finishing material of the walls, then you will immediately get rid of the sensation of living in the hostel.

From the school physics course, it is known that noises are divided into two types:

– Drums;

– Air.

Among air noise, you can distinguish such as animal sounds, playing musical instruments, conversation. And shock sounds include the sound of steps or running, sounds from the fall of objects, hammer blows, etc. D. Panels made of traffic jams perfectly protect against all types of noise.

What is a cork

The cork itself represents a polymer natural material consisting of the smallest cells. Suffice it to say that one cubic centimeter of traffic jams contain an average of 40,000,000 cells, separated by partitions. In order to manufacture the flooring from the cork, the bark is pre -chopped, then heated and pressed. During such processing, cork granules glue, thereby turning the cellular structure into a closed.

The cork coating is both an effective noise absorber and an excellent thermal insulator. Air bubbles contained in the cork coating can act as springs. As a result, after mechanical exposure to the coating, it again acquires the original form. It is for this reason that steps on such a floor are not heard, since their noise softens the shock absorption effect.

Camping coatings are widely used in recording studios, in industrial enterprises with an increased noise level, etc. The coating from the cork does not reflect the sound that falls on it, and, therefore, the echo or otherwise, the effect of reverb, is completely absent.

The cork coating is absolutely harmless, and can be used in rooms where a small child lives. If the walls are covered with a traffic jam, then you can fully enjoy an unheard of silence.