Water structures on the site

With a long time, people tried to bring their homes to the water as close as possible. They are not only a power source, but also a means of transportation. It took a person for centuries to evaluate the aesthetic pleasure that arises when observing a calm water surface. But the need for a settlement in close proximity to reservoirs, to enjoy their beauty, has disappeared over time. People learned to artificially create water bodies in the places they need. Create a reservoir on your own site, today anyone can. The main thing is to determine how it will be.

Artificially created reservoirs are divided into two subgroups: decorative and functional. Functional reservoirs include ponds for artificial fishing or swimming pools. Decorative are necessary to awaken aesthetic feeling in a person. It can be waterfalls, streams, which are key elements of landscape design.

When choosing one of the types of artificial reservoirs, do not forget about its features. Streams, for example, are universal, any landscape area is suitable for them. Although their placement on the slopes is considered the best solution. Modern technologies allow you to organize a closed water circulation system, which creates a natural course. To complete the composition, a stream needs to be decorated with plants and stones, they will give it an individual character and view.

The most beautiful solution of landscape design can be called a waterfall. However, this is a miracle on the site, it must definitely be harmonious with the environment. To avoid the fate of the white spot on the site, the waterfall should be at the heart of the Use. It is better to plant flowers around, gladioli in Saratov, are considered the most suitable for the environment of the waterfall.

Do not forget about the fountain. He is the most technologically advanced of all higher. Its system is based on the pump, its traction force circulates water, nozzles and water reservoir, allow you to create a variety of effects. Many bulbs of gladioli in Saratov are grown precisely for planting around the fountains of a country house.

The next step after choosing the type of artificial reservoir, the choice of material. Ready -made forms, film and concrete bowls are more popular. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Ready -made forms are easy to install and durable. But concrete bowls are still considered the most durable. But the installation time will take much more. The most common materials are film, it allows you to implement the most incredible design solutions. But, unfortunately, the low strength is its main characteristic.