Wall of corrugated board: how to do it with your own hands

At present, the hinged facades are becoming more and more popular. The facing material is used as a decorative and protective layer, which is attached using aluminum brackets. Air space is created between the wall and the cladding of the building. This airspace significantly increases thermal and sound insulation of the building. In addition, with a hinged facade, you can hide the defects of the walls, deformation or cracks and prevent their further development.

The hinged facade gives you great opportunities for decorating the building. For cladding, a wide range of facing materials can be used. The most preferable of them are:

– composite panels;

– polymer materials;

– a natural stone;

– ceramic granite;

– corrugated board the price of which is reasonable;

– galvanized steel and aluminum.

A flat and smooth lining is less susceptible to pollution and is easy to clean. In case of damage, any panels can be easily replaced.

Due to the fact that the elements of the systems of a system of this species are universal, you can solve any design problems – from classic, to the most modern.

Ventilated facades are widely used in construction, and are also often used in the reconstruction of residential buildings, industrial and public buildings.