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Ventilated facades: Work on errors

It is believed that for the first time insulated ventilated facades to be used for skyscrapers in America, to facilitate their design, and after that, such a technology for ease of installation, lightness and thermal insulation plus this material and the technique of its application were brought to modern perfection. And for more than 40 years, the facades of the ventilated type have been used in countries such as Norway, Finland, Germany, France, Sweden and Italy. It should be noted that this system is used both on new, built buildings, and on the restored old. These systems are constantly modified and improved and offered to the builders all new materials as cladding, TC and frame, but the most important thing is the insulator. All three components are already so standardized that they can be selected depending on the necessity and possibility of builders. The facades of modern buildings are a very difficult design at first glance, which should be ventilated and at the same time the noise and heat isolated, moreover, on large areas. But it is the ventilated facades that have the advantages that allow them to be used in various regions of the globe. Interestingly – not only protective and useful properties perform these elements, but also carry a decorative load. You can use them in combination with other building elements of a decorative property, such as plaster or natural stone. The color palette really of such facades is simply amazingly wide. A hinged installation system of these elements is able to hide the most diverse and significant irregularities of all supporting walls.

Replacing the elements of the cladding is simple due to the fact that they have piece elements that, during operation, they will not require additional care methods, and therefore do not have to spend money in the future. Not only multi -storey buildings, but also private cottages are gradually overgrown with new and modern facades, often from which you can also find ventilated.

These facades are a multi -layer design, and their main function is essentially in protecting the main material of this material that is made out of the insulation material is quite simple. The most outer layer is a polymer that is not able to absorb moisture or is not exposed to negative temperatures, then there is free space, which makes the ventilation of this facade possible, then the insulation is already located. All this is on the supporting profiles fixed in the wall.