Varieties of Roman curtain: which option to choose

Roman curtains bring the desired elegance to the home and are one of the most popular models in a modern interior. They are characterized by elegant design, bring comfort and heat to any modern house.

Made from various textile materials and are considered as a preferred accent as part of modern design.

Ashley offers to buy curtains in a nursery of fabrics with different composition, various colors and structures, as well as various installation options. There are options for installing Roman curtains on both windows, on the wall or on the ceiling. Roman curtains can perfectly replace traditional luxurious curtains. They are easy to clean and maintain in order.

Ashley offers 2 models of Roman curtains:

Roman curtains Model “Classic”. The principle of operation of this model of Roman curtains is very easy and simple. The curtain consists of textile fabric, which folds at the top of the window. If desired – for cleaning, the fabric is easily separated from the upper guide. The standard canvas is manually carried out using an elegant mechanism, but there is an option for placing an electric motor.

Roman curtains Model “Elegant”. This model of seamless Roman curtains is a preferred choice for customers who dream of eclipping a room in combination with functionality and luxury. The same fabrics are used here as for the “classic” model, but such curtains differ in the method of plastering of fabric, which gives the room a modern and luxurious, aristocratic appearance.