Varieties of housing in the real estate market

Citizens often think about changing housing. To this end, they turn to suburban real estate agencies, which, given the wishes of the client, select apartments.

The acquisition of suburban real estate cannot be called an empty waste of money. You just have to buy a house on Skolkovo highway, and the obvious advantages of country housing will be available to you: picnics in the fresh air, walking in nature, creating a unique landscape design.

Thousands of offers can be found in the real estate market, but it will take a lot of time to search for the one that is suitable for you if it does not contact the real estate agency. To simplify the upcoming choice, you can decide on the future class of a new house and buy a house on Rublevka.


Elite class houses are usually located near the city line. Elite housing buyers have the opportunity to find cottages with optimal layout. Such houses have an excellent appearance, modern interior decoration. In villages with houses of the luxury, much attention is paid to infrastructure: entertainment centers, kindergartens, sports clubs and much more. You can buy a house in Podushkino or in another area you like.

Business Class

Housing of this class is a successful combination of price and comfort. Near comfortable houses of this class you can find shops, sports clubs. Apartments are in picturesque places. In business class houses, you can evaluate all the advantages of country housing.

Economy class

Housing of this class offers the buyer everything necessary for life: amenities, cosmetic repairs, standard layout. Houses are distinguished by removal from the city. Available price tag is what can cause the purchase of such housing.