Varieties of devices for swimming: which one to choose

A convenient device for any construction is a vibrating plate. This is light and mobile equipment that is used if necessary to compact soil, sand, crushed stone, or if necessary, put paving slabs if necessary. It is also perfectly suitable during the preparation of the surface for laying asphalt, stone or paving stones, trench compaction, foundation or pit. For example, during repair work, the compaction is a key condition that guarantees high -quality work and their long -term. If you ignore the use of this equipment, you can encounter a problem such as soil sediment or, in extreme cases, the surface of the road may be completely destroyed.

This sealing device is easy to operate. Thanks to its dimensions and parameters, it can be used in various areas, even in such narrow places where the skating rink may not pass in size. The advantage is the ease of transportation even in a passenger car. It is quite easy to maintain, and it does not need additional costs.


Devices for compaction are divided into two types: reversing (the weight of which reaches 125 kilograms or more) and direct stroke (the weight of devices up to 125 kilograms). The first type can move in two directions, both forward and back. Experts do not recommend using it for laying asphalt and sidewalks. The device is perfect for preparatory foundations for laying for places where the force of compaction is much higher. As a rule, plates are equipped from a cast cast -iron site or steel sheet, to which the engine is attached using shock -absorbing pillows.

The vibration plate can be equipped with a diesel, electric or gasoline engine. As for the centrifugal clutch coupling, it is located on the shaft. Thanks to it, the torque is transferred for temporary transmission, and already from there vibration enters the base of the stove.

Today on the market you can find plates with a gasoline engine, which are considered the most affordable in price and easy to maintain. The main advantage of these devices is autonomy to power sources at the construction site. As for the slabs, they are equipped with an electric engine that requires the need to have a power supply or an autonomous power plant. In other words, a percentage of work from the presence of light appears. The disadvantage of this device is the limited cable length. The advantage of this type is reliability and effectiveness. Its engine is considered durable, as it breaks very rarely.

The next type is diesel slab. They are considered expensive in price, since it is much more expensive than gasoline. But in this case, the price corresponds to the warranty and power of the device.

How to choose the right device?

Before buying, the vibration fuel must decide on the type of work performed. When laying asphalt, it is worth choosing a device weighing from 70 to 120 kilograms, as well as devices that have a water tank. If it is planned to lay tiles, then in this case plates with the same weight are suitable, but without a water barrel. If the work will be carried out to prepare the base of the floor, then in this case you need to choose large weights, from 100 kilograms and above.

The price policy varies from low to high prices. Specialists in any case will be able to tell you suitable devices at affordable prices. In order not to advise you, in the end, you yourself will make the final choice.