Using decorative stone, stone finish

From ancient times, the stone is associated with force, something strong, even “brutal”. Living in caves, an ancient man has always been surrounded by rocky breeds. So many years have passed, but even now a person subconsciously seeks to recreate a primitive dwelling in his house or apartment. And this desire is realized by using artificial decorative stone in the interior.

Artificial stone is made of materials such as cement, sand, natural components. Stable pigment is also used.

Decorative rock

In addition to fashionable design concepts, stone decoration (natural or artificial) in the interior, like the exterior, has a lot of benefits. Regardless of the naturalness of the use of finishing material, the stone is durable, stable and said. Dents, scratches, cracks – all this is unusual finishing material. Another advantage is the ease of stone. It is easy to use, it is safer, more plastic (it is easy to convert it into the desired form). The stone is not afraid of high/low temperatures, as well as their sharp differences, high humidity, does not burn. The material is as environmentally friendly and safe for human health and the environment.

There are many options for decorative stone decoration. This is various textures, grinding, shade. Quality criteria for buying decorative stone – frost resistance, strength, water resistance. You can also use a special repulsive water composition (hydrophobisator) or glossy and matte varnishes. This will be appropriate with external decoration, or with internal in potentially wet rooms (pool, sauna).

Implementing this finishing material in the interior is a matter of taste and imagination. The scope is wide – this is a bathroom, toilet, kitchen, living room, exterior decoration, arch, internal doorways, fireplaces, facades, balconies and so on. Styles in which material can be expressed – country, classic style, minimalism, loft, stone can be finished with a part of the wall, one wall, all the walls at once.

Finishing material is a unique opportunity to embody any idea and express several ideas in the interior at once. Despite the abundance of wall covering options, a decorative stone outside of competition due to its simplicity, practicality, environmental friendliness and breadth of use (multifunctionality).