Using carpets in different interior styles

The dwelling of each person is unique to the extent that it reflects the individual’s individuality. There are styles that are not suitable for everyone, but characterized by originality and creative approach. These styles:

• ethnic

• Modern

• Kitch.

It is quite difficult to live in the interiors of some styles for a long time, but they are great for variety and are popular with young people who seek their way.

The ethnic style can express the culture and customs of any people. For a long time, African style is popular, recreating the nature of the savannah. For room in this style, a carpet with a long pile is perfect green, imitating thick grass. In the decor of other parts of the room, leopard coloring or stripes resembling a zebra can be used. Woven or forged furniture will complement the similarity. Be sure to use figurines with African motives, wooden decorative dishes and stylized lanterns.

The option of the African style is colonial, characterized by greater brightness and an abundance of decor, symbolizing civilization.

Ethnic also includes a popular country style or rustic. It is appropriate here by folk life, the stylization of the Russian village and other pleasant little things. Patrota against the background of the green floor will delight the eye and remind of warm spring or hot summer.

The Art Nouveau style is located between classics and hi-test, and also includes plant elements. This style is more free than a conservative classic, and less strict than industrial high-tech. Asymmetry, floral motifs, displacement of accents to any part of the room are permissible here. The style most fully reflects the inner world of the owner living in a fairly wide framework.

The most controversial style is kitsch. The very word translated from German means “tastelessness”. Designers relate to it more tolerant and apply the concept of “eclectic” or mixing incompatible. Within the framework of this style, you can connect screaming colors in one room, for example, the UMORUD carpet and red walls. It is possible to combine furniture of different shapes, which are not interconnected, as well as decor from different directions.

This style is used quite rarely, it is in demand in people weary of the monotony of everyday life or striving to escape from stereotypes. To a certain extent, this is a rebellious style, embodied in a socially acceptable form.