Turnkey house construction methods: which one to choose

This method provides for the fact that you yourself will be a foreman, controller and buyer of the material. Here you find a sample by which the house will be built and, of course, builders. When choosing a material for construction, it is necessary to first have information about the mechanisms and wisdom of construction. It is also necessary to have psychological training for working with builders and their control. Do not forget that for all the shortcomings, for the low quality of the work done you will be responsible for yourself and at your own expense. Thus, the construction of a solid house that will delight you is associated with a great technological risk.

The next method is a brigade with a foreman

It’s easier here-hiring a construction team with a foreman, you will have the opportunity to make a complaint and ask someone from someone. You will only have control over the progress of work and the expense of funds. Small savings on building material will also be obtained due to wholesale purchase. The disadvantage is that such brigades can declare the end of construction without agreement with you, transfer part of the work to another brigade. Do not forget that one team does not guarantee the quality of all the work performed. In addition, in the case of legal disputes, it will be harder to solve with such a brigade. Keeping control over the quality of work, costs are very difficult.

And the last way is turnkey delivery

Here, for the construction of the house, a specialized construction company is hired. With this option, construction is slightly more expensive due to payment of the work of the gene – and subcontractor. As a rule, such a company provides a whole range of construction services for which the company has certificates. The speed of the construction company is quite high. Plus, this is the conclusion of a contract for the provision of construction services that has legal force, which greatly facilitates the solution of disputed issues. Companies also offer estimates of estimates, so you know in advance how much to count. This is not realistic to achieve this in the first two ways, there the costs are on the course of construction. And do not forget, in construction companies there are professional builders who guarantee the quality of their work.