Triplex – a new type of glass, material features

A new type of glass designed to enhance the protective properties of windows is called triplex. Such material has high anti -suggestion properties, replacing window grilles.

The manufacturing technology of this type of glass is used in aviation industry and mechanical engineering. Two smooth glasses of a certain thickness are glued together by polymer materials or film. The result is a completely wonderful product.

Triplex surpasses ordinary glass several times in strength, it can withstand even hammer blows. By installing it in a double -glazed window, you will get a strong glass with anti -vandal characteristics, which can be installed in the premises of the lower floors, in shop windows, etc. D.

Only one is inserted into Saratov’s windows for home use, the rest of the glasses – ordinary. Thus, a fairly strong design is obtained, which has excellent heat, soundproof characteristics, as well as high protection against breakdown. Of course, if desired, the triplex of the glass can be broken, but it will have to be spent a lot of time, and a loud noise will perform such an action that will not go unnoticed.