Thoughtful storm sewers: the key to a dry household site

Livne drains, which are the inevitable reality of our life, can create a huge number of problems to the owner of a private house.

And ineffectively working storm sewers can cause the flooding of the site, getting wet of the house, the penetration of water into the basements and even the washing of the soil from the foundation of the building, as a result of which its strength is violated.

In fact, water, flowing through the grooves from the roofs of the buildings and spreading on solid soil coatings, for example, asphalt, falls, in the end, on the ground and drains it into it.

And the large area of ​​the site is built up and covered with asphalt, the more water will flood a small amount of soil, creating real problems to the owner.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right way to divert it from the site, taking your choice with its size, the type of soil, covering it, as well as with many individual characteristics and technical requirements.

You can, say, take water into a centralized storm sewer, into a reclamation ditch or into a stream leaking next to a nearby.

And you can use it a second time, having previously cleared of impurities in the adsorbing well.