The use of neodymium magnets

The phenomenon of magnetism is always interesting to people, since this is something unusual and mysterious. Our ancestors claimed that magnets have magical properties and used them in the performance of rituals. Today, thanks to unique characteristics, they are used in more practical sectors.

Neodymal magnets have the most powerful attractive effect.

Moreover, they are constant magnets. This means that they do not lose their properties. As scientists defined, their force decreases by 1% in 100 years. Such magnets consist of alloys, iron and boron. By the way, this type of magnet was opened recently, only in the 80s of the twentieth century. And such unique properties interested scientists who began to look for the rational application.

Today, the spectrum of the use of neodymium magnets is very wide. In particular, they are built into headphones and large audio systems to enhance sound. And in hard drives, he serves as a stator who wraps the electromagnetic head of the head.

These magnets, in addition to professional use, are also used in everyday life, mainly due to their interesting properties, hold on tightly and not to break up even when applying strong physical efforts. For example, bracelets and other accessories are made from neodyms. You can buy neodims of various forms on the site with operational delivery and low prices.

A strong magnetic field created by neodymes is used as a kind of shield from the entering all kinds of metal objects into operating plants of factories at large enterprises. This not only saves from malfunctions in the operation of the equipment itself, but also improves the quality of the products manufactured.

The scope of the use of neodymium magnets is still being studied and expanded. In particular, the American enterprise Maglev Wind Turbine Technologies plans to launch vertical -axial turbines for the production of electricity, the capacity of which will be a thousand times more than windmills.

And neodymes will keep them in limbo, which will reduce friction, which means increasing the productivity of the turbine. Interior designers, in turn, are planning to use the same property of magnets to create a “flying” furniture that will hang in the air without touching the floor.