The use of a transport tape on the construction site

Today, almost any large production uses in its work various types of conveyors, which is based on conveyor tape. It is one of the most important components and is made of composite rubber, which, in turn, is connected in several layers. The result is a conveyor rubber tape. Conveyors are used to move goods of various nature to certain distances. Using the conveyor, you can transport such goods as bulk materials, spare parts, piece elements, babbit, etc. D.

There are several advantages of using conveyor equipment. Firstly, any conveyor allows you to move goods in various directions, and secondly, the temperature regime of the room does not affect the effectiveness of its work. And this, in turn, allows you to use it in various fields of industry: from heavy, including mining and energy, ending with light industry industries: food, agricultural, textile, etc. D. The conveyors are also widely used at construction facilities. The conveyor tape itself, thanks to its strong properties, can be used as a gasket.

The conveyor tape GOST 20-85 is divided into several types. Each species has its own design features. The main difference between one type of tape from another is the number of layers in its frame. The basic principle of classification is the subsequent scope of this tape and the temperature regime of the premises. In accordance with this principle, general -purpose conveyor tape is distinguished; heat -resistant; frost -resistant; Special. Among the special distinguishes difficult, food and t. D. In some industries, combined ribbons are used, for example, frost -resistant difficult.

For the manufacture of tape GOST 20-85, technical rubber and special fabrics of increased strength are used. All fabrics used in the manufacturing process undergo special processing, thanks to which the strength of the strip frame is ensured. High strength is necessary to ensure greater performance when relaxing the tape.

For production, the following fabrics are used: BCNL 65 – consists of polyester or cotton and a strength of 55 Newton with a break, TC 200 is completely synthetic, and its strength when a break is 200 Newton.