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The secrets of the roof installation of ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are an excellent material to cover the roof. It is suitable for both a roof with a tilt of 10 degrees, and for a roof with a slope of 90 degrees.

Before its installation, you need to take into account several features. The first of them is the slope of the roof. If it exceeds 50 degrees, then you need to use the basters or screws. Another point is the great weight of the tile. One square meter can weigh up to 60 kilograms. Accordingly, you need to create a reliable rafter structure. A more preferred option would be the use of no more rough rafters, and the installation of the rafters with a lesser step.

During installation, tiles should be placed on each slope with small piles. Thus, the additional load on the rafters is reduced. This secret is known for many architects who work for various construction companies. Often these organizations cooperate with firms that conduct various engineering surveys. And the price of engineering surveys is low, which will certainly please many customers of such services.

At the beginning of the installation of tiles, beds are mounted. It is fixed with nails. Each transverse beam must be firmly fixed. Lay out the tiles from the bottom up. All rows are laid out from left to right. The first row is placed on a cornice overhang. Each tile should be fixed using galvanized screws. It is worth saying that when the cornice overhang will be filled, you need to leave a 2-centimeter gap. This is for ventilation of rafters.