The methods of creating the foundation: mechanical and manually

The very first step when erecting your own home is to create a pit for the foundation of the future building.

Immediately at the same time, a well -reasonable question arises: whether to work manually or use a special equipment for this?

Let’s try to understand the strong and weak points of both methods.

Mechanical path

• Depending on the type of pit, the nature of the soil and the type of work, they are carried out by a bulldozer, read more, an excavator, a caterpillar mini-excavator or a loader.

• Work occurs quickly: to remove the upper soil layer enough, and a few hours are enough, and 2-3 days will take to dig the pit.

• Technique is rented hourly or paid for the entire working day. Sometimes you should also pay for its delivery by the city.


• Requires several workers armed with bayonet and soviet shovels.

• Contrary to widespread opinion, such work requires certain skills, as well as the supervision of a qualified specialist.

• Due to the need to take the ground on cars, work lasts a long time, delaying the terms for laying concrete.

• Expenses on the ledge of workers vary significantly and depend on the nature of the soil on the site.

• It is used most often if it is not possible to use construction equipment.