The installation of modular grain dryers of continuous action has become even easier

Modular grain dryers are often used in agriculture and food industry. Thanks to these devices, grain crops are freed from excess moisture, which allows you to increase the shelf life several times.

If earlier the installation of such structures took a lot of time and effort, then with the release of the new generation of modular grain dryers, everything has become much easier. Now you do not need to hire a whole brigade of people, it is enough just to attract several specialists. Thanks to the special design and ease in the installation of grain dryers, you can install both on a huge industrial complex and a small agricultural structure. At the same time, the cost remained the same. It is worth noting that the new MC grain dryer is better than the grain -drywall of DSP32 both in terms of technical characteristics and durability.

Thanks to the use of galvanized alloys, the entire structure is reliably protected from corrosion. In addition, the new grain dryer does not require the construction of a protective structure, which reduces overhead costs. Due to this, the process of drying of grain and other crops becomes more economical. This means that the cost of finished products is reduced, and, as a result, the competitiveness of goods is increased.