The device of underground structures

The development of urban transport requires laying underground railways under the existing narrow and crooked streets of the city, near the buildings and under them. In most cases, existing buildings and structures have a normal depth of foundation, while the metro or large size collectors of the underground farm are much deeper. The laying of underground structures therefore causes a large number of works to strengthen the foundations of existing buildings and structures. There may also be a device on both sides of the existing walls of the building of new deep foundations covered with metal plastered concrete beams, which will be transferred from the existing walls of the building. This design is used when the tunnel of underground structures passes under the building, lying relatively shallow. On the photo. 465 shows the device of the metro station under the house on Reheenberger Street in Berlin. .

Когда сделана подводка части фундаментов здания (фасадной на небольших участках поперечных стен), в связи с прокладкой коллектора подземного хозяйства часто делают подводку и всех остальных фундаментов, используя вновь возведенные фундаментные стены для устройства подвалов.

There are cases of an additional rude basement ¦ {Ashinharhaus in Berlin) regardless of the work on the installation of a tunnel.

Changing the purpose of the building, for example, the appeal of a residential building to a factory or significant increase in loads (setting new heavy equipment), can also cause the need to summarize new foundations.